Get to Know Us

Hi! I'm Nicole and this is me and my bae! Michael and I are an engaged couple that met in a photography class three years ago. We instantly fell in love and now we are growing our wedding photography business together. He is the most outgoing and funniest person that you will ever meet and I'm more of your best friend that you can call at one am. Our goal is to share these special moments with one another by showing that we care. Every shoot is very unique to us and we cherish all those moments! Each year was a success developing an empire of business, partnerships/friendships, and amazing experiences with couples/clients. We are the perfect dream team when filming or photographing your moments!

The Way We Are

You're here for a reason! You're looking for someone who is artistic, experienced, fun, and relatable; Michael and I have the ability to make your vision come to life! We will bring out the most unforgettable memories that you will cherish for a millenium and beyond!